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To Bowls Dorset, Indoor and Outdoor Bowling Clubs, Coaches , Umpires, Parents/ Guardians and Support

Dorset Youth Bowls Academy was inaugurated in April 2019.

Dorset Youth Bowls Academy Constitution states:

  1. Membership is open to County Flat Green Bowling Associations, Dorset flat green bowling indoor and outdoor clubs, and other individuals who are approved by the trustees.

Why become a member of Dorset Youth Bowls Academy?

  • By becoming a member of the Academy you will be invited to the AGM and have voting rights including voting for the Officers who run the Academy. This would enable members to select the Committee and hold them accountable.

  • You will be able to support the youngsters and follow their progress at Local, County, National and even International events.

  • Play a part by showing interest in the Academy and it’s aims.

  • The Academy would welcome suggestions from members, which would benefit the Academy.

  • The Academy will help any club within Dorset who run or wish to start a Junior Section. Supplying equipment or advice.

  • Makes adult and youth bowls more aligned. Gives Youth path into adult clubs.

  • Give other clubs a voice into how the Youth Academy is run.

  • Creates a network of supporters to help with events.

  • You will be kept in touch with Academy events and successes.

To become a member please contact Julie Leake, 1 Woods Edge, Broadstone, BH18 8EH or email

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