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Bristol Weekend

The Dorset Youth Bowls Academy were well represented in the Dolphin junior team which went to Bristol for the annual match between the 2 clubs. The match is played over 2 days in singles, pairs, triples and rinks (4’s) and both teams are mixed. This year was Bristol’s turn to be hosts and a wonderful job they did with Thomasina Goodman leading the way. The entertainment, buffet, raffle and tombola on the Saturday evening ensured everyone was ready for bed before the bowls recommenced on Sunday morning.

Over the 2 days there were some exciting games and the standard of play was exceptional. This was appreciated by family and friends of both teams and the young bowlers benefitted from the support given and raised their game accordingly.

At the end of the 2 days Dolphin brought the trophy back to Poole after winning 5 of the 9 singles, 4 of the 6 pairs, 3 of the 4 triples and 1 of the 3 rinks matches.

I know the bowlers are looking forward to the next episode which will be at Dolphin during the spring half term holiday 2025.

From everyone in the Dolphin Team a big thank you to everyone at Bristol IBC.

Singles matches:

Pairs matches:

 Triples matches:

 Rink matches:

Coaches Challenge match:

Comments from coaches and parents:

"All bowlers represented Dolphin impeccably and our parents showed Bristol how to support from the side-lines. Thank you very much to all."

"Thanking all the youngsters and parents for making it a weekend to remember and congratulating them on their standard of play and sportsmanship."

"You are all awesome".

"Great teamwork with fab support, coaches and leaders. Congratulations everyone."

"It was clear to see the improvement in all the junior bowlers this weekend. What a difference a year makes. Each and every one of them worked brilliantly with their teammates, played excellent bowls and fought hard to bring the trophy back to the Dolphin.

The hours of training, dedication of their coaches and the support of their parents/carers was obviously to all this weekend.

Well done everyone."

"You made us, as parents and carers, so proud of you all. Such a great team effort, fantastic results."

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