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Biased Bowls - 3 Year Sponsorship Deal

“Biased Bowls the new Bowls on the Block - Sponsor the New Kids on the Block!”

Here we ask Dorset Youth Bowls Academy’s Trustee and Fundraising / Sponsorship Officer, Carol Williams and Paul Hubert of Biased Bowls to explain how the initial contact led to an exciting new agreement.

Who approached who?

DYBA - "Biased Bowls approached us, we were actively seeking sponsors and were excited after Paul contacted us as we could see immediately that he is as passionate about Youth Bowls as we are."

Paul - "Facebook post shared and on speaking with Carol I could see so much synergy in our vision for the future of bowls."

Why are DYBA and Biased Bowls so well matched?

DYBA - "We feel our youngsters are the Future of Bowls."

Paul - "Our strap line.......Driving the Future of Bowls."

Why is youth bowls so important to you?

Paul - "It sounds like a cliche but the future of bowls lies with our Youth, I really want to see the young have the chance to experience the game. It is massively important to me that the governing bodies, county, borough and club committees support youth bowls development and ensure the game is attractive to our future stars, let’s listen to their needs and ideas because without them many potential bowlers will miss out on our wonderful sport."

What will money used from sponsorship agreements be used for?

DYBA - "Using sponsorship to expand the academy, coaching, access to competitions, education, support and equipment for all clubs with, or aspiring to have, junior sections, signing up new youth players into the sport and getting extra players into the national finals.

How else is BB supporting DYBA?

Paul - "Helping to organise Events such as Tournaments and Leagues for Indoor and Outdoor Youth Bowlers. Assisting with kit design and supply and helping the Academy develop even further.

We asked Paul how he got into bowls and what would have gotten him into bowls at a younger age?

Paul - "My grandparents both played bowls and it was a sport I always wanted to try out. My perception was the game was only played by let’s say the “older generation", oh how wrong I was. I certainly don’t ever recall academies for bowls being available when I was younger, if they had been I am sure I would of attended and not missed out on such a fab sport.

Are other sponsorship packages available?

DYBA - "Yes – we still have silver and bronze packages available from just £50 per annum. All sponsorship funds are put to really good use. Or become a friend of DYBA by making a donation and be listed on the Friends page on our website."

Contact Carol Williams DYBA Fundraising and Sponsorship Officer email: for more information.

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