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10 Ways to Support DYBA...

Dorset Youth Bowls Academy is a registered charity with big ambition. We are actively fundraising to help us deliver on our vision of supporting young people to get involved with indoor and outdoor bowls and we need your help!

Here is a list of all the ways you can help us…and some of them involve virtually no effort! SPREAD THE WORD

#1 Help us get more youngsters playing bowls!

We have the passion, coaches and space for more youth – tell friends and family about the academy and help more youth get into the wonderful world of bowls. Or if your club would like to start a junior section our coaches will support you and all equipment needed will be loaned to your club. If interested, contact

Like and share our Facebook Page: Dorset Youth Bowls Academy

#2 Support Games!

Our youth players love it when they get support from more experienced bowlers. Use the diary of events on our website. Come along, lend your support and help the youth players reach their full potential. You never know, you might be able to claim your support has helped a future England star!

#3 Help Coaches!

Our coaches are all volunteers. It is helpful when people get involved with our tournaments and events. We need people to help send woods back, marking, making teas and coffees – it’s not hard, great fun and really appreciated. Speak to Sid if you can lend your support. BECOME A FRIEND OF DORSET YOUTH BOWLS ACADEMY

#4 Become a Friend!

Want to get more involved? We welcome donations from local businesses, parents, grandparents, bowls clubs, and anyone else who wants to support us! Easiest way to donate is to use our dedicated PayPal page: And, we are happy to recognise anyone who gives a donation of £10 or more on our friends page. DONATE

#5 Donate Bowls?

We always need more bowls! We are specially in need of small sizes, but all sizes are welcome. If you have some at home that you are no longer using, please see Sid or contact to arrange collection/drop off. Any that are not suitable for our use, we will sell to raise funds for the academy. 10 Ways to support Dorset Youth Bowls Academy

#6 Donate Unwanted Badges and Trophies?

If you have badges and trophies that you no longer need, we can use them! Sid is fantastic at doing up badges and trophies – they look great and are wonderful for our youth players to receive. See Sid or contact to arrange collection/drop off. SHOP

#7 AmazonSmile.

Nearly every penny you spend with Amazon will help Dorset Youth Bowls Academy raise money. Now is the perfect time to sign up to Amazon Smile. Then every time you shop, Amazon will donate 0.5% of your eligible purchases to the academy, that’s 50p per £100. If lots of you do it, it will soon add up. If you have already signed up to AmazonSmile you can change your charity easily and if shop using the app, you can also earn money with every eligible shop. Visit Amazon Smile FAQ page.

#8 easyfundraising

If you are not a big Amazon shopper, you can still help! easyfundraising is the UK’s largest charity shopping site. It’s free to register, you shop and Dorset Youth Bowls Academy receives funds donated by big retailers such as Tesco, Argos, John Lewis, eBay, Boden, Boots, Currys, AO and 6,000 other retailers that is a lot of choice! The site also gives you easy access to AmazonSmile. There is a handy app where you can ‘spin to win’ every day which also helps to raise us funds! Visit easyfundraising to find out more. Remember, using Amazon Smile or Easyfundraising costs you nothing. TAKE A CHANCE

#9 Join One Lottery!

Join One lottery for your chance to win a weekly jackpot of £25,000 and 50p from every £1 ticket sold is donated to Dorset Youth Bowls Academy. You can sign up for as many weeks as you like, and you might win big! Please only support us in this way if you have cash to spare. Visit One Lottery SPONSORSHIP

#10 Become a sponsor?

We are actively seeking silver and bronze sponsors. Prices start at just £25. If you run a business and would like to support us through sponsorship.

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