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Dorset enter an Amy Rose Team for the first time!

For a number of years Dorset have worked hard to develop an Amy Rose team, well this year it finally happened! Although a very young team with an average age of 17/18yrs in a national U31 women’s double rink competition, it was a proud moment to see the Dorset girls’ step onto the green at Ilminster Bowls club on Sunday 18th July.

As expected, the Dorset girls were up against a very strong and experienced Somerset team, who are looking to regain the national title in this event. On a fast green, which only increased in speed under the hot sunshine, the Dorset girls had difficulty coping with the conditions which some of them had never encountered before.

Although Somerset were too strong for them on this occasion the experience gained in this venture will stand the girls and Dorset in good stead in the coming years. The girls are already planning ahead and talking about what they can do to improve for next year – great to hear.

Onward and upward!

After the match Kirsty Hembrow, the Somerset Captain and member of the England senior team, was very complementary about the Dorset team.

Well done Girls! Well done Dorset!


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