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Academy vs Kings Park

Marc, Hannah and Matthew after being presented with their “Top Rink” prizes by Laura the Kings Park Captain.

A young and inexperience Academy team took on Kings Park in a 3 rink triples match, in what is becoming an annual fixture, on a lovely warm and dry Sunday afternoon. From the trial ends it was obvious the green was slower than the youngsters had experienced in recent weeks.

The match was 18 ends and by the end youngsters were beginning to struggle and this is reflected in the scoring. After the first 6 ends the youngsters were leading 14-12 and leading on 2 of the 3 rinks. The second 6 ends were close with the teams equal on 27 points each when 12 ends had been completed. At this stage only the triple of Marc, Hannah and Matthew were still ahead with the other 2 holding the opposition to a narrow lead. The last third of the match took its toll on the youngsters with concentration, consistency and confidence seeming to take a dip on all rinks. The final score was a 67-33 victory for Kings Park.

Top rink for the Academy was Marc, Hannah and Matthew who lead for 14 ends but a dreaded 6 on the 16 end let the opposition in to snatch their victory on the very last end.

The Academy youngsters celebrating, unfortunately this is before the match.

Thanks to Laura and the whole Kings Park team for making this an enjoyable match and watch out we will be back next year.


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